My Success Story

When I started the hypnosis program in October 2020, I was looking for two things; first, I was looking for an opportunity to change and second, I was looking for an opportunity to change! These sound the same but one was physical, and one was mental. I wanted to let go of whatever it was that was holding me back from my weight loss goals. I wanted to physically change, move into the new me, and get over that plateau that had been so frustrating in my weight loss journey. I also was looking for a change in my personal life. I wanted to find something challenging  to work towards, that would allow me some flexibility of working hours, flexibility of the ‘place’ I’m working, and the opportunity to work for myself. With my husband heading towards retirement and an unstable job in his future, I needed to find something that still fulfilled me but that will have the flexibility I need to work when I want, where I want, and how I want. I need something to supplement our income. Hypnosis has proved to be more than I expected! 

Through my own weight loss journey, and through the professional training I have received I have come to learn that all change is from within, and it’s not just lack of will power holding people back. Change is EASY when you know how to change your perception. The goals and dreams that so many people have CAN come to fruition with the techniques of hypnosis and I am excited to help them overcome obstacles and challenges with the ease of hypnosis.

I am gaining confidence as I worked first with Trisha and now through practice on my own. I am comfortable taking on new challenges because I know I have support from the Master Hypnotist Group through the mentorship program. 

Hypnosis is fun, it is easy, and as a profession it is rewarding. I look forward to working as a hypnotist to help others realize their maximum potential. I look forward to a career of continual learning, and continual self growth. I look forward to the reward of others achieving better quality of self and life! Best of all, I have met my weight loss goal!