Welcome to Hanna Hypnosis! Serving Hanna, Drumheller, Castor, Oyen, Delia, Brooks, and surrounding Special Areas.  Hanna Hypnosis offers flexible hours to accommodate people with daytime appointments as well as some evenings and weekends. (this includes hypnosis over video connection for those who prefer a virtual experience)  We provide services for Weight Reduction, Smoking cessation, Stress Management, and Confidence and Motivation.  Hypnosis can be used for almost anything!  We want to share with you, the benefits of introducing hypnosis as a tool in your life!  Your success is our success! Hanna Hypnosis offers a free screening/information session.  

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind where you achieve heightened focus, concentration, and suggestibility, allowing your conscious mind to connect to your subconscious mind by overriding a ‘critical factor’.  During this ‘trance-like’ state, positive, reassuring, information is reinforced, determined by the pre-hypnosis discussion about your goals.


Hypnosis is 100% safe (however, hypnosis may not be complimentary in someone with a severe mental illness)

Hypnosis cannot ‘make you’ do anything against what you believe morally and ethically. You always have free will when hypnotised

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  You are in charge of what happens during your hypnosis sessions.  We personalize each session based on your needs at the time and your long term goals.

Hypnosis achieves extreme relaxation and calm while learning new skills

Hypnosis is based on repetition, fixation, and relaxation.  Hypnosis uses imagery and imagination to implant and solidify new positive suggestions to gain control over undesirable behaviours.

Hypnosis works when you have an overwhelming desire to overcome past limits and failures or reach a new goal.  In essence, hypnosis can be used for anything!

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